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A vivid reminder of the Comanche influence in Santa Anna is a carved stone that santana stone photoweighs more than two tons. The sculptor, most likely T.T. Perry, a local stone mason of the late 1800’s, carved a profile of an Indian warrior with the letters SANTANA below. When the Santa Anna Sand Plant shut down in the late 1960s the equipment was sold to a company in Arkansas. The owner saw the Santana stone and another of an Eagle in the side of a bluff and wanted them for lawn ornaments. Workmen attempted to remove the eagle but only succeeded in blasting it to pieces. The Santana stone was loaded onto a railcar and moved to Guion, Arkansas, thirty miles from the Missouri state line, where it remained until 1996. It was tracked down, and the new owners of the sand plant agreed to allow the stone to be returned to Santa Anna. Two citizens volunteered to make the trip in a truck and subsequently succeeded in returning it to the base of Santa Anna’s Peaks.

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